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Yes, Yoga is for Runners

I can’t do yoga. I am inflexible. I can’t even touch my toes. It looks too slow. I need to burn calories. I can’t sit still that long. It looks silly. I don’t want to chant. Do I have to wear funny clothes? Folks had told me for years to do yoga and I was […]


Stop The Pain – 3 ways to get your stretch on

What many runners report as “overuse injuries” are often mis-diagnosed. If you are suffering from a persistent painful injury we suggest giving a thought to the possibility that your injury is actually a result of a lack of flexibility and tightness in a certain muscle group. Frequently, pain is the result of a tendon snapping […]


The Brunch Run – How To

Recently my girlfriend and I committed to brunch at least once every weekend. While this was an excellent idea for our relationship it didn’t quite fit within the training schedule I had laid out for my next marathon in June (HFM Maritime Marathon). The problems: The dog needs exercise and loves to run. My girlfriend […]