Don’t wait until the New Year


I know the to-do list is longer this time of year and adding one more task seems impossible; but truly you can begin your New Year’s resolution to get healthy now.  You do not need to find hours a week to spend in the gym and odds are you may not be the 5am winter runner we all see bobbing around in the dark with a headlight and reflective vest.  However, you can begin your health transformation by examining what you eat? I’m not talking about, overhauling your entire grocery list, finding new meals your kids will eat or spending hours getting lost on Pinterest so overwhelmed by options. I’m talking about looking at each meal or snack before you eat.  Thinking to yourself am I really hungry?  Is what I am eating providing my body with nutrition? Or perhaps, how can I make this healthier? Skip the soda, yes even the diet soda, for water.   Swap dressing on a salad or remove bacon and cheese? Maybe skipping the cookies at the work Christmas party because you know you’ll be at another party the next day- or at the very least look at the holiday desserts and choose one.  Not a breakfast person- make a green smoothie the night before? Beginning with nutrition will not only help you to shed pounds, you’ll begin to transform the inside to reflect the healthy look from the inside out? Check out the following link for some easy green smoothies: smoothie recipes

Then once Christmas has past give yourself a little challenge. You do not need to start in the gym 5 days a week; sign up for a 5k like the First on the First 5k in Westerville, Ohio.  Walk it, run it, but don’t be afraid of trying it.  The running community is a supportive one and not one to be intimated by.  You should enjoy the running process, bundle up, and start your resolution in a positive, encouraging environment.