Rest is extraordinarily important race week prep. Both in terms of running less and sleeping more. Don’t skimp on sleep just because you’re feeling good! The more we train the more rest we should get for recovery, because recovery is a limiting factor of running. We need all the sleep we can get before a race. Shoot for a solid eight hours of rest each day, especially the day before our race.

Make the day before my races a “lazy day”. Sleep in, eat lots of pasta, and do nothing (which for fall races means watching college football all day!). We don’t know how well we’ll sleep the night of the race, make sure to get extra sleep the night before. Stay off your feet as much as possible! Even walking around has a residual effect on running; if this is your first marathon you’ll appreciate it at the end! Time your meals so you will get three square meals. Eat your last meal about 12 hours before your race so the food has time to digest. You don’t want to have to find a port-a-potty during the race! Before going to bed, prepare everything you will wear and bring with you for the race. That way it’s taken care of — one less thing to think about, and you won’t have to scramble for stuff just before you leave.