The Brunch Run – How To


Recently my girlfriend and I committed to brunch at least once every weekend. While this was an excellent idea for our relationship it didn’t quite fit within the training schedule I had laid out for my next marathon in June (HFM Maritime Marathon).

The problems:

  1. The dog needs exercise and loves to run.
  2. My girlfriend and I love to run together but I am in training and therefore need to run further than she would like.
  3. Neither of us care to run on full stomachs
  4. What is brunch without booze?


The solution:

  1. Drive to the scrumptious Knotty Pine Brewing  with Oliver (62 lb. Goldendoodle).
  2. Run the 3 – 4 miles home
  3. Trade the dog for Girlfriend
  4. Run back to the restaurant
  5. Eat a delicious bloody mary infused brunch
  6. Drive home (I know what you are thinking… The bloody marys were for her)

6-8 miles, happy dog, happy girlfriend, happy stomach, happy life.

Don’t let running get in the way of the things you love. Sometimes a little extra effort is required but it is worth it to find balance, even in the face of significant training goals.