Fallen 15k & 5k

May 27th

Freedom 4 Miler

July 4th

Wendy’s Frosty 5k

August 13th

Scioto River Run

Half Marathon

September 23rd

How It Works

  • Participate in at least 3 of the above races to be eligible for awards… Can you earn the patch?
  • Sign up for the series, and you are automatically entered into all 4 events at reduced pricing
  • Compare yourself to other runners in Central Ohio with Series results posted after each series event
  • Series participants receive all of the same great awards, medals, and post-race amenities as all other participants in each event
  • Detailed rules posted below

Fully Embroidered Series Winner Patch

Columbus Race Calendar “Can” Glass


  • February 1st – February 29th: $180.00 ($285.00 value)
  • March 1st – April 20th: $190.00 ($290.00 value)
  • May 1st – May 27th: $200.00 ($305.00 value)
  • May 28th – July 3rd: $170.00 ($265.00 value)

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